President & Chief Executive Officer

Hideyuki Murakami

CEO Message

We have been producing sugar, which is essential for our life itself and can enhance our QOL(Quality of Life), with the base of proud Japanese technology, in Udon Thani over quite a long years. Sugar is food giving us deliciousness as blessings of nature and being a source of energy to live for human. Sugar has been used for lots of foods from ancient days. Its deliciousness gives us smile, and richness and happiness in our everyday life.
Furthermore, sugar is also required as prime motive force to function our mind and body. Sugar is produced from sugarcane, which is planted in unseeably vast field. Sugarcane grows with affluent sunlight and rain from the heavens to the earth absorbing the power of the earth, then store precious sugar in its whole body accordingly to its growth.

We never forget that sugar such given is precious blessings of nature and always think about how we can reciprocate to the nature. Followingly it is our belief that we are to be considerate and friendly toward the environment. We have been harmonized with the environment without making use of fossil fuels for our factory operation and returning by-products to the nature ever since.

Sugarcane as our raw material is grown and cherished by surrounding farmers whom we have strengthen the long- lasting tight relationship with for past many years. In this sense, our business can be said to be deeply engaged with local societies of our factories, around which many of our staff live their everyday lives, and has been piling up years under support from local communities.
We believe that it is our mission to contribute to development of local economy by endeavoring best of our effort so that we can repay them for everything.

While doing such activities, we, as an only foreign company to produce sugar in Kingdom of Thailand, made it our policy to distribute our Born-in-Udon Thani sugar directly to clients all over the Asian countries, in Middle Eastern countries and even in African counties once in a while, taking good advantage of arms and functions of the parent companies, Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd., without limiting our activities only in domestic market.
We are going to continue to develop ourselves pursuing to increase number of client, who uses our SPOON brand sugar, all over the globe with having base in Udon Thani.

Keeping humility and high level of professionalism, we will ensure trust from regional society and domestic and overseas clients. And for firmly responding to needs and expectations from parties concerned, we will stably produce and distribute safe, trusted and high quality sugar. It is our everlasting challenge to pursue further growth so that we can deliver much plentiful happiness and smile to customers of our SPOON brand sugar.


  • Deliver safe and delicious sugar to people all over the world for uplifting their quality of life
  • Strive to contribute to sugar industry and sugarcane farmers in Thailand so that we can develop society
  • Actively engage in efforts concerning global environmental issues.
  • Also uplift quality of life of each employee.

For nearly 60 years, we have been a strong contributor to the development of Thailand’s northeast through modernizing the sugar industry. In agricultural development, we have promoted research and development programs for the improvement of sugarcane cultivation, introduced new sugarcanes and growing methods, and extended financial support to sugarcane farmers. We shall continue to contribute to the northeast Thailand.

Food Safety

We try our best to contribute to customers’ better quality of life through offering food safety and quality.

with Society

We ensure harmony with the local environment and mingle with community so that we can contribute to local society.


We comply with all applicable laws and regulations, whether domestic or overseas, and conduct ourselves in an ethical and responsible manner in the communities in which we perform our duties.

Labor Safety

We ensure a safe, comfortable, and healthy work environment for employees.