BUSINESS แนะนำธุรกิจ

To enrich lives with deliciousness

In order to enrich people’s life with deliciousness and to maintain good sugarcane field
with our farmers, we will do our best to manufacture safe and good quality sugar.

Sugar Business

We have been manufacturing sugar for nearly 60 years in Thailand. We strive to produce high-quality sugar with the brand “SPOON” and contribute to the development of local community including our contract farmers in Thailand’s Northeast region. As part of Mitsui group, we apply production technology from No.1 sugar manufacturer in Japan, Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd. Our products are distributed through global network of Mitsui & Co., Ltd to deliver deliciousness and enrich people’s lives.

ปริมาณอ้อยเข้าหีบ(ตัน) CRUSHING VOLUME HISTORY (MT)

FACTORY โรงงาน


With All Our Heart

We make our sugar by state of the art facilities. And we believe that the most important thing for deliciousness is that we do it with all our heart.

With Farmers

We make our sugar from high quality sugarcanes. We have a long and good relationship with a lot of farmers and they grow healthy and delicious sugarcane every year.

With Japanese Sophisticated Technology

We make our sugar taking advantage of Mitsui Sugar’s sophisticated and leading-edge technology, who is the leading sugar manufacturer in Japan.

With Strict Standard

We ensure safety and deliciousness for our sugar with strict monitoring and accurate analysis every day.

With the Community

We sustain manufacturing high quality and delicious sugar through good relationship with local community, not only farmers but also neighbors and local goverments.

PRODUCT สินค้า

  • For Domestic Thailand

  • For Laos

  • For Other countries