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Planting day ceremony 2021/22

CSR 17.12.2021

Mr. Murakami Hideyuki, CEO, together with management, Farm group, and One Spoon family growers attending 2021/22 planting day ceremony at Company farm, Rai Surplur, Kumpawapi, Udonthani.

Planting day event was organized to promote and educate growers to start planting during the period of the month of October and November. As this period, soil contains the proper level of moisture, which promotes the germination of seed cane as well as the growth of root system leading to better rate of survival through the draught period. Moreover, the total period for sugarcane shall exceed 12 months until the beginning of next crushing season providing better yield and CCS for growers. This practice is widely known as “Late-Rain Planting”.

Skill and knowledge of farm group staffs is considered crucial to KSP. Therefore, KSP has constantly provided a specialized and custom training regarding farming practice and cane quality management to staffs every year.

We, KSP, has developed and put all practice on ground in order to ensure that the best practice shall be transferred to our growers properly to promote better yield for our growers as well as sustainability of our society.