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Release of New “Spoon” Package

NEWS 26.04.2022

We, Kaset Phol Sugar Ltd. has modernized design of 1KG packaging based on the feedback from various consumers living in the Northeastern and the Central Thailand.

This new package design is applied to the three main products of our brand “Spoon”: Normal Refined Sugar in blue color to represent a pure and refined sweetness which is suitable for beverage menus, White Sugar in green color to represent a refreshing sweetness from nature which suitable for all types of food and beverage,  Natural Cane Sugar in yellow color to represent a sugarcane aromatic sweetness which suitable for Thai original dessert recipes or Thai traditional sauces that require the aromatic sweetness in particular.

The new packages of “Spoon” are now on sale in retail stores and ready to bring the taste of happiness from Spoon sugar to everyone.

We are looking forward to spreading this sweetness throughout Esan and nationwide in Thailand.

New package of Spoon brand