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Sweet Sticky Rice with Thai Custard


For 3 persons / Time required: 4hours

  • Seasoning

    Refined Sugar 90 g
    Palm Sugar 250 g
    Table Salt (For sweet sticky rice) 1/2 teaspoon
    Table Salt (For Thai custard) 1/2 teaspoon
  • Non-cooked Sticky Rice (Soak it in water)

    160 g

  • Coconut milk (For sweet sticky rice)

    240 ml

  • Coconut milk (For Thai custard)

    480 ml

  • Duck Egg

    3 eggs

  • Pandan

    5 leaves

How to Make

  • Step1

    Cook sweet sticky rice: Steam rice then put it in the bowl. Heat coconut milk with sugar and salt. Pour boiled coconut milk to the bowl then stir. Cover the bowl with a lid for about 1 hour to let the sticky rice to absorb the coconut milk.

  • Step2

    Cook Thai custard: Crack eggs into the bowl then add palm sugar, coconut milk, table salt, and pandan. Mix with the hand until sugar and table salt are dissolved. Filter before steaming to make it smooth. Steam over high heat without covering for about 45 minutes and lift it aside.

  • Step3

    Scoop sticky rice then put on banana leaves, followed by custard. Wrap the banana leaf as beautiful as you can.