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Banana Chips


For 5 persons / Time required: 60minutes

  • Seasoning

    White Sugar 300 g
    Salt 1 teaspoon
    Oil 1 L
  • Namwa Bananas

    1 bunch

  • Lime

    2 limes

  • Water

    60 ml

How to Make

  • Step1

    Peel bananas then soak in the water which is mixed with lime juice to prevent getting black.

  • Step2

    Heat the oil, slice the banana and fry. Stir well because sliced bananas will stick together. Fry until golden brown then scoop up and put them aside.

  • Step3

    Set the pot over the medium heat and put sugar, salt, and water into the pot. Simmer to melt into a little crystal then pour onto the fried bananas. Mix well.