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Japanese Purple Sweet Potato Bua Loi


For 2 persons / Time required: 2hours

  • Seasoning

    Natural Cane Sugar 6 tablespoon
    Palm Sugar 2 tablespoon
    Table Salt 3/4 teaspoon
  • Glutinous Rice Flour

    120 g

  • Glutinous Rice Flour (For using while making the balls of Bua Loi)

    as suitable

  • Smashed Steamed Purple Sweet Potato

    100 g

  • Hot Water

    60 ml

  • Water (For boiling the balls)

    1 L

  • Cold Water (For soak the boiled balls)

    1 L

  • Coconut Milk

    480 ml

  • Rich Coconut Milk

    60 ml

  • Grilled Coconut Meat (Cut into strips)

    100 g

  • Pandan

    2 leaves

How to Make

  • Step1

    Mix glutinous rice flour and smashed sweet potato together with hot water. Knead until smooth and can form into balls.

  • Step2

    Form the dough into round balls about 1/2 cm in diameter and scatter a little flour. (So that the dough will not stick together)

  • Step3

    Heat the water then put the balls into the pot, boil until it is cooked. Scoop up to soak in cold water. When finished, scoop it up and put aside to drain.

  • Step4

    Pour coconut milk to the pot then heat it. Add palm sugar, natural cane sugar, table salt, grilled coconut meat, pandan, and boil them just a few minutes. Pour the rich coconut milk.

  • Step5

    Put the balls of Bua Loi into that pot and stir them together just a minute.

  • Step6

    Scoop to a small bowl and serve.