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Green Mango with Sweet Fish Sauce


For 4 persons / Time required: 30minutes

  • Seasoning

    Natural Cane Sugar 180 g
    Palm Sugar 300 g
    Fish Sauce 2 tablespoon
    Salt a little bit
  • Water

    100 ml

  • Dried Shrimp

    as suitable

  • Powdered Dried Shrimp

    100 g

  • Sliced Fresh Chili

    100 g

  • Sliced Red Onion (Shallots)

    100 g

How to Make

  • Step1

    Set the pot and turn on the medium heat, pour palm sugar, natural cane sugar, water, fish sauce into the pot. Simmer until palm sugar dissolves.

  • Step2

    Turn off heat and take the pot off the stove. Add powdered dried shrimp then stir until everything is combined into a brown solid.

  • Step3

    Add chili, red onion, dried shrimp.